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The Company

After having completed a master’s degree in architecture researching the role of drone technology in the 4th industrial revolution, James became acutely aware of the many ways in which the advantages of drone technology could be realised in various critical sectors with the right implementation strategies. And so, in the wake of the evolutions of industries in South Africa, and partnering with an engineer equally driven by such change, Terra Ops was essentially born out of a drive to help usher major industries such as mining and construction into this new era.

The company initially began mainly providing services in surveying and mapping. However, Terra Ops has naturally grown since then to provide solutions to other industry fields such as using high end scanners,  scanning existing architecture to create highly accurate 3D models, combining lidar and photogrammetry technology to create fully immersive virtual reality worlds to inhabit and experience. We have even employed drones and artificial intelligence to fully automate an entire warehouse stocktake.

There are many industries that have long awaited solutions to some of their current inefficiencies and so, as a result, Terra Ops continues to source and develop key relationships with international hi-tech companies with the aim of expanding its product and service offerings to the major industrial sectors. Terra Ops is excited to be a part of the innovation and the positive change happening in Africa with the transformation of industries.

James Howard


It is incredible to see the future unfold right before our eyes, and not just to go along for the ride but to actively be a part of shaping and innovating so many aspects within some of the biggest industries in the world. This is a real privilege and it is unbelievably exciting for us as the possibilities and opportunities are endless.

James D Howard
M-Tech Architectural Technology (Prof) University of Johannesburg
Licensed commercial drone operator

Ryan Sun


We are just excited to be able to provide a service that can really advance the way industries operate. What is important more than ever now is the need for more reliable and accurate data on one’s own projects, materials, assets and stock — thus allowing industry to just make better decisions.

Ryan W. Sun

M-tech Civil Engineering, GDE (Universty of the Witwatersrand)