Terra Ops – Industrial Solutions is a Drone Service Provider based in Johannesburg but operating across South Africa specializing in the mining, construction, real estate and media industries. We offer a wide range of drone services in each industry from drone surveys, drone photography and videography as well as stock management and 3D modelling. We aim to provide our clients with efficient and cost-effective drone (UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) solutions as well as provide the necessary industrial products and equipment that will see your company thrive in the mining and surveying industries. Prizing our integrity, service delivery and relationships with our clients above all else



Time is money!



The sky is no longer the limit!



Drones really are the future!


Real Estate

We live in an age where convenience is no longer a luxury but a demand!

Transform Your Operation

Drone technology is growing and expanding at an exponential rate with new applications for it being discovered almost daily. This is an industry that has revolutionised so many industries including the mining, construction, media and real estate industries. Drones have the ability to give us a new perspective of our working environments all from the safety of solid ground.

This not only lowers health and safety risks but also lets us see more, plan better and gather more data than ever before. This in turn saves us time and energy which is directly proportional to profit and income. We at Terra Ops – Industrial Solutions aim to provide drone services and industrial products on multiple levels and across multiple industries that will transform the way you work and in turn save you time and money.

Terra Ops – Industrial Solutions is a 100% legally operated drone services company, compliant with all standards and regulations set out by the SACAA, as well as a registered Aerial Service Partner (ASP) of DC Geomatics (Pty) Ltd.

Professional Experience

As a collective we have a combined 14 years of experience in the mining, surveying and drone industries. Our professional drone pilots are all licensed and registered with the CAA and operating under a ROC which makes all our drone operations 100% legal and compliant with the regulations. With lots of room to grow and learn we are ready to take on any challenge that comes our way.


Connect with us

Please contact us any time you have any issue or question. We would be happy to help you.

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James Howard:
+27 84 602 7185

Ian Swanepoel:
+27 81 508 2391
46 Tenth ave, Alberton North, Alberton, 1449

Directions to come and visit us: Take the Voortrekker Rd offramp off the N12 Southern Bypass highway, keep left as you merge with Ring Rd East, turn left on to 7th Ave and continue straight till the stop street, turn left and continue straight then turn right into 10th Ave, we are number 46 on the left. Or click here to GET DIRECTIONS.

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